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Smart Mirror by Ashwin T

My project is building and coding a Smart Mirror from scratch. The Smart Mirror is a mirror with a display behind it allowing it to show different components onto the screen. I am using a Rasberry Pi to run and display the code I have written. I wrote the code using React and numerous other JavaScript libraries incuding Moment.js and Electron.js, which allows the program to run as an application on a Linux operating system. I also used other node modules and APIs including the spotify API and OpenWeather API to display real time data. I hope to use my Smart Mirror to managa and organize my busy life. The link to my code is here.

Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
Ashwin T Mountain View High Computer Science Incoming Senior



Final/Third Milestone

My third and final milestone was to create another app to control my mirror remotely. With this app I will be able to update my to-do list live as well change between my desired screen(as I have multiple). The point of this app is to not have to touch my Smart Mirror ever again and can be controled remotely from this app. To do this I needed to use my knowledge about Firebase firestore, a serverless backend made by Google Inc, and implement it in my project. Firestore will allow me to add and delete to-dos and also switch between screens. I also used my newly learned css flex-box skills to style my app and make it look nice.

Milestone #3

Second Milestone

My second milestone was to connect to all the APIs and use them to display data on my Smart Mirror. I used React as a client side framework and created components to display different data from the APIs. My APIs displayed data about the current weather, daily quotes, and my Todos. I had a lot of issuies trying to get data from different APIs so I had to create a backend server in order to fix the issues. I used and learned more about Node.js, Express.js, and learned more in detail about what backends are. In addition I did a lot of css styling. I learned about the conecept about flex boxes and managed to fix my css which made my app look better. With that I finished all 3 of my desired pages, however can not remotley move through them. For my third milestone I will make a whole new app to edit my To Do list remotley as well as have buttons to switch between different pages.

Milestone #2

First Milestone

My first milestone was setting up a Rasberry Pi and starting coding the display using React. I downloaded the Raspbian OS software onto the Pi using an SD card and set up the rest of the components inculding heatsinks, mouse and keyboard compoenents, and a display. With that part completed I started working on the code. I learned what Electron.js was and how it allows for code to be run as an application on Linux based operating systems. I used React to customize my components and was able to code a clock which updates in real time using Moment.js. I also learned how to work with aysnc functions and connected to APIs. Although implementing all my APIs is my second milestone, I got a little ahead and was able to display the current weather using the OpenWeather API which updates in realtime!

Milestone #1