Ashwin Talwalkar


Hello, my name is Ashwin Talwalkar and am currently a junior at Mountain View High! This website should help you learn more about me, find my resume and contact me.

Within the last 2 years I have devolped a liking and passion for Computer Science. I know languages such as Java, JavaScript, Html/css, Python, C, and C++. Although I am the most familar with Java, I love to pick up any new languages. My projects are linked here or below under the GitHub Icon.

Outside of school I participate in a lot of other activities. I have been a part of the school Varsity Swim Team for every year of High School and hope to be captain in the upcoming season. I also swim year-round for LAMVAC, a local competitive swim club. I have swum competitively for 4 years and the sport is a major part of my life.

Outside of swimming, I love to spend time with my family and friends, especially my younger brother, Om.

I also participate in many clubs within school and enjoy helping fellow students with STEM based subjects.

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